Metricus for SIAM

Metricus provides a central reporting entity for the management and governance associated with a multi-supplier sourcing model, both IT and business services. The seamless integration, transformation and normalization of data from vendors and suppliers of services provides benchmarking and effective comparison of services, enabling the delivery of promises in cost savings, service improvements and innovation.

Vendor Comparison

Key features

  • Data related to the provision of IT services, both internal and external (vendor), are consolidated into the Metricus IT Performance Datamart.
  • Metricus provides service enabling data integration from internal and external data sources.
  • Metricus stores a central repository of all metrics  (SLAs, OLAs, KPIs, etc) related to IT service delivery
  • A centralised view of IT service related data, containing contractual SLAs and performance based KPIS, is made available enabling management of overall IT service delivery
  • Each Vendor has to a Metricus site containing data and metrics related to the provision of their specific services
  • in charge of the reporting of IT Service Providers and overall IT Service Delivery performance



Functional Architecture


Data Visualization, Scorecards, Reporting, Data Integration and much more.
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