Performance Analytics

ServiceNow Performance Analytics: should I invest?

ServiceNow Performance Analytics (PA) is certainly a unique offering. Very few enterprise software applications have a dedicated module for Performance Measurement. Kudos to ServiceNow for recognising the need! Who should consider ServiceNow Performance Analytics? The customers we see successfully implement PA and a subsequent return on investment, generally have the following… Read more

ServiceNow Reporting a noisy marketplace.png

ServiceNow Reporting: a noisy marketplace.

Over the past few years, ServiceNow has become the dominant force in IT Service Management Enterprise Software. A combination of great product and strong marketing has resulted in the majority of large ITSM software sales cycles featuring ServiceNow. But, like most Enterprise Application vendors, the reporting and analytics capabilities don’t… Read more


Metricus Vs ServiceNow OOB Reporting

Issues with ServiceNow OOB Reporting Like many Enterprise Application vendors, ServiceNow provides limited OOB reporting and analytics. Reasons for this include: the complexity of enabling true Business Intelligence capabilities with a transactional platform lack of investment in OOB capabilities as a result of trying to up-sell customers Performance Analytics (a… Read more

Understand Predictive Analytics

How to use the data triangle methodology to understand predictive analytics?

Today predictive analytics is a process that consists of three distinct but interrelated parts: capture predict act Capture refers to capturing data. But what do we mean by data? Let us use the data triangle methodology to understand data and its various aspects. At one corner of the data triangle… Read more


Scorecards, Dashboards and Reports – please explain!

What used to be a ‘report’ has transformed into metaphors galore! Dashboards. Enterprise reports. Paginated reports. Mobile reports, Management reports. Operational reports. Analytics. Scorecards. Data visualisation. ServiceNow Performance Analytics. Business Intelligence. Performance Measurement… It’s a convoluted combination of terms related to functionality, processes and content delivery mediums. These terms overlap and at… Read more