Think of Metricus as a framework that allows you to rapidly build scorecards, reports and analytics to measure IT performance. This framework consists of features, or pre-built components, that work together to enable your IT Performance Measurement Solution. If you’re using IT systems such as ServiceNow or Remedy, and having problems with reporting, the Metricus framework provides a proven solution used by large enterprises around the globe.

Metrics Metadata

The Metricus Framework includes the IT Performance Metrics Metadata, a collection of over 600 best practice, proven, pragmatic IT Performance Metrics. These metrics can be modified and new metrics created to build a consolidated repository of all metrics required by your IT organisation.

Data Transformation

The Metricus Framework includes data integration packages for many commonly used IT Enterprise Applications. These include ServiceNow, Remedy, CA Unicenter, Solarwinds, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business, and many more. In addition, data in flat file formats e.g. XLS and CSV can be readily imported and data can be entered manually.

Metricus Datamart

The core of the Metricus Framework is the Metricus Datamart – data structures optimised for IT reporting, analytics and metrics. The Metricus Datamart is fully exposed to customers enabling them to leverage their own BI tools and skills.

Metrics and Scorecard Engine

To enable the creation of scorecards for data within the Metricus Datamart, the Metricus Framework includes utilities to create and manage metrics, including specifying rules and calculations from source data, setting performance patterns, targets, tolerances, assigning hierarchies, etc. Utilities are also provided to create and publish scorecards from the defined metrics.

Data Quality

Metricus data transformation packages that extract data from commonly used enterprise IT applications e.g. ServiceNow, Remedy, Solarwinds, contain data quality checks. These populated pre-defined data quality metrics providing information enabling customers to re-engineer their data in alignment with best practice.

Enterprise Reporting

The Metricus Framework provides many pre-built reports associated with common IT entities, including Incidents, Changes, Problems, Requests, etc. These reports can be modified, or new reports created using Microsoft Report Builder, a proven enterprise reporting tool.

Interactive Analytics

Metricus provides the complete functionality of the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite of analytic tools, including PowerView, Power BI, Excel and Excel Services. These tools seamlessly enable your organisation with the power of the IT data stored in your enterprise systems.


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